PERMANENCY • Our Mission Defined

permanency familyWhen Five Acres began in 1888 few laws existed to protect children or women. Thoughts of permanency did not begin until the 1950s.

Permanency today is crucial. This means connecting each child with a permanent, loving home - be it biological, foster or adoptive. Research has shown that a child’s life and well-being improves considerably when there is at least one adult relationship that he/she can rely upon. Frequently children come to us having never experiencing a stable, caring relationship. Five Acres works to strengthens families and strives to find a permanent loving family for every child.

Five Acres works toward permanency in our Community-Based Programs which help families stay intact by assisting those at risk of separation. Through preventative services, therapy and education children are given the help they need to heal and regain hope. Improving coping skills enable children living at Five Acres’ campus to transition successfully to permanency – in caring, loving homes that are provided support and connections to resources.

Our community-based services include: Home/School Based Mental Health, Family Preservation, Deaf Services, After Care, Multidisciplinary Assessment (MAT), Grace Center, Wraparound, Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS), and Pasadena Mental Health Center (PMHC).

These community-based programs provide preventative therapeutic services to children and families in crisis. The goal is to keep families safe and preserve permanency for the child. 2012 outcomes are shown.

outcome for permanency

92.4% of families stayed together after receiving services from Family Preservation, exceeding the National Family Preservation Network benchmark.

93.7 permanency

93.8% of clients in Wraparound remained with their families six months after graduation from the program, exceeding the CA Alliance average of 78.2%.


Safety outcome 2012_chart 1

84.6% of clients interrupted the cycle of domestic violence by not returning to abusive environments after participating at Grace Center.